What will I learn?

What will I learn in this course? - What marketing automation is. - How Marketing Automation Can Fit in Your Business - How DRIP is a cost effective (read FREE) to start system you can build out to master your business system TODAY. - The critical workflows to implement for your business. - Built for you Workflows and Templates You Can Plug Right in to your workflows. -Get customers educated using workflows, campaigns, and even add then to Facebook Audiences if you want! -Private Facebook Group for Members to collaborate, ask questions and continue to grow after the course.

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As a small business owner, I know that every penny counts. I priced this course to make it accessible to those businesses wanting to grow. If you could hire a full time employee who never got sick, worked 24/7/365, did EXACTLY what you asked them to do the first time, and every time, changed as you changed and grew as your business grew without every having to need a second employee would you do it? Of course you would. For the low price of this course, you will learn how to 'HIRE' and train that employee (your automation system) for the lifetime of your business. Oh yeah, did I mention that this employee is FREE while you set expectations and train them? It's a no brainer. Take the best (and smallest step) that will pay you dividends in the future - sign up below.

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